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mrdoratearoom8-13-05-018.jpgThe last time I heard “That’s a gracious plenty!” was at a family dinner back in Texas. As Grandma tried to ladle more cobbler in the dish, one hand would go in the air while the other rubbed the tummy. (Is that how the old trick started?) But the point made was: I’ve had my fill and no need to “bust a gut.” Now the progeny of those diners pull up to a McDonalds and say, “Supersize me.” We know what the result of that has been.

Portion size has gotten way out of control in the U.S. and not just at fast food and family restaurants; manufacturers have also slipped larger servings into directions for preparing and serving packaged products. Check the back of your oatmeal box. Go ahead, I’ll wait. What used to read l/3 cup oatmeal and 2/3 cup water now reads l/2 cup oatmeal and 1 cup water. And if you don’t notice, what do you do? Learn to like elastic waistbands. You are buying oatmeal more often, but not so often that you are aware. The oatmeal company is aware; their income is increasing.

It’s time to let restaurants and food companies know we are tired of being manipulated to the detriment of our health. If you were taught to clean your plate, that is getting harder to do. Until we coerce cooperation from manufacturing firms, we are going to have to take it on ourselves to watch for changes in serving sizes. It is one way short term to tell them, “That’s a gracious plenty.”

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