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dsc00017.jpgA ghost tour–and in Charleston, of all places! I had anticipated this evening for a long time. Friends and I met our tour guide at the park fountain on the shore. He was a charming, absolutely charming, young college student and we became more excited each moment. Moneywas exchanged–lots of it with our big crowd. The sky was fading as we began our trek through the haunted part of the city. A story about the woman who still appeared (but not that night) on the “widow’s walk” waiting for her husband, who was never to return from sea, the beautiful side gardens the guide pointed to, but we couldn’t see in the darkening night, and the ancient cemetery where we summoned spirits to no avail, and then to parting with our charming guide. Wow! What an experience, or was it: What? An experience? Only slowly, like a debriefing did I come to realize what I had really experienced: a charming, young college student with chilling tales told in the dark of night, retelling tales of previous glimpses of ghosts–where none appeared tonight.  We understood. They could not be summoned.

It is only now in the dark of other nights that I wonder how ethereal the whole experience was, especially the twelve bucks I paid for the tour.

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Do you ever get to feeling responsible for everything? I mean in the Internet age you learn things that everyone doesn’t know and you try to get the word out, but no one listens. Take the case of the NAFTA Highway, the 35-Corridor, the North American Union? They are all part of the same surreptitious plan for our future that is forging ahead without ceremony, without notice to those of us affected, between the heads of the U.S., Mexico and Canada. Did anyone ask you what you thought of such a union? Me either. Yet bids have been let to a Spanish company (Cintra) and Texas Construction company (Zachry) to start the first leg of a multi-modal transportation corridor. A customs office called SmartPort is being constructed as we speak in Kansas City, MO. Yes, 1000 miles into the heart of our country goods from China and the Far East transported from the Mexican port of Lazaro Cardenas will finally be check by our Customs Office. What about Laredo, you ask? It will become an electronic speed bump on the way to the heartland. This affects our future and border security as much as any front-page news, but it is not even on page 13. You do what you can, write your congressmen, etc. and hope for the best.

Aha, here’s something in my e-mail, something I can do something about. Wine companies are dropping corks for synthetic stoppers, and it’s causing hardship in underdeveloped countries that rely on sale from their cork trees. What does the environmental organization suggest I do? Buy only wines with corks? Well, I’m not exactly buying BOXES of wine, but our favorites have switched to synthetic. I write the Green Company and suggest they get behind a petition drive to wine companies. I never thought I would say this because I am not a joiner, into groupthink, but I’m tired, I can’t do this all alone. Let’s band together and show strength and resolve. Maybe they’ll listen—-maybe.

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