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Wildlife GardenI  know going in the African irises are not part of the “working group” in our wildlife garden.   The coveted hummingbirds and butterflies ignore the tiny blossoms and go on to porterweed, firebush, pentas and lantanas. But the tall, broad iris leaves catch every nuance of breeze and flag me down with startling movement each time I glance their way. They are a gift, one that does not appear to fit with the garden’s purpose, but it would be a mistake to think that. The robust, twelve-foot firebush stretches like the giant it is, pushing toward penta’s territory. But standing guard, straight and sturdy as a fence, the African iris halts the invasion, doing much more than I ask of it. Just being a sentinel would be enough, or sprouting tiny yellow  blooms skyward would be enough, but there is that swaying, dipping, shimmeying that it does for no reason but to bring the garden alive with movement. So in the lull between wildlife visits, we enjoy the dance of the irises, a ballet to fill the waiting stage.

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