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dsc00016.jpgYou want to do a a useful poll? Predict how many goblins will show up at our door Halloween. That would be worthwhile. As it stands now, the most we can do on our own is the Halloween Exit Poll, when we tally our weight gain.  It is always directly proportionate to the number of little beggars that don’t arrive at our door. And are they tricky? One year you stock up the larder and end up standing in the yard looking up the street, waving in little figures in the distance. Of course, they have been warned to stay away from people like you.  The next year you buy a small bag of bubble gum and it goes so fast you have to douse the lights and board up the doors at 7:30.  All I’m asking is give us a poll that puts the last Snicker bar in the last trick-or-treater’s bag. Hey, Zogby, is that too much to ask?

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