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Two articles almost kissing in today’s newspaper:

  • One reports that $23 billion was sent home in 2006 by (illegal) Mexicans working the U.S. (No the report didn’t say “illegal”),
  • The second reports 75,000 Mexicans are protesting tortilla prices which have reached roughly 45 cents a pound.

You know, you would think $23 billion could buy a few tortillas, but perhaps this is the problem. U.S.Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral said that these remittances are a driving force of Mexico’s economic growth and that the country should encourage migrants‘ families to invest their money. People, here is the root of the problem. Mexicans are investing the $23 billion sent from relatives who risk life and limb to swim the Rio Grande leaving them no pesos with which to buy tortillas. And why is the U.S.Treasurer telling Mexicans what to do with their money? That’s for another day.  I’m a U.S. citizen and assume I can give advice to Mexicans, too, so here it is. BUY SOME DAMN TORTILLAS WITH THE 23 BILLION!

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