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What Winning Feels Like

The Colts won the Super Bowl — for those of you who have been lost in the jungle. You know I have been pulling for them since the first game of the season–and predicting this outcome. So, how does it feel? Surprisingly calm, one of those “all’s right with the world” feelings. Maybe I’ve seen Tony Dungy on the sidelines too much and his demeanor has rubbed off. Anyway the curtain on football pretty much shut down after Sunday along with the emotions. The long wait begins for next season.

 I may have undone a lesson I have been trying to teach my grandson, though, because of the Colts. No, because of my competitiveness. My approach when Zachary has wanted to give up on any number of pursuits was “mistakes are good because they teach you, failing this time gets you closer to a win, etc. etc.” The lesson must have been soaking in because before the game we talked and Zac said, “It’s okay if our Colts don’t win.” And I, the teacher of life situations, said, “NO! NO! WE ARE GOING TO WIN. Don’t even think otherwise.” The minute it came out my mouth I knew I’d blown what I’d been working on for months, but it was out there. I don’t remember how I glossed it over except to point out how prepared the Colts were because of prior mistakes. The truth was I couldn’t entertain the thought of losing. Maybe that was one of those mistakes I had to make on my way to being a truly wise grandma.

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