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What’s a Book Worth?

I am searching Amazon.com for a  book by one of my favorite authors, Zora Neal Hurston.  Dust Tracks on a Road, Zora’s autobiography is nowhere to be found in the long list of her writings! That is the one I must have for my friend’s birthday, so I don’t give up. Then there it is. One copy. Must order fast. Whoa! Not so fast. It costs $100! Where in the world is my copy? Did I resell it to the used book store? The search begins–and there it is right in my bookshelf. Clutching the prize to my chest I tell my husband what I  discovered.

“Sell it on eBay,” he says.

“Never,” I answer, clutching it closer. “I love this book and all my favorite passages are highlighted.” I could not feel more incredulous if he had asked me to burn it.

Calming down, I recheck and find the $100 book is hardcover and in Japanese. My version can be found at regular book prices.

So what’s a book worth? Clearly I know what one tattered, paperback is worth to me–over $100.

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