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Green Polka Dot Shoes

polkadotshoes.jpgWhat makes you happy? Are you thinking of someone special or money, clothes, cars? Forget those things. What little occurrences make your pupils dilate, your heart skip a beat, your head turn? Tidbits of happiness, not big ole steamboats? Are you thinking on a different level now? I hope so because now you might understand the bright green polka dot heels. I saw them as I entered the grocery store last Saturday. Their wearer was a young woman dressed quite simply—except for those green polka dot shoes. I smiled and looked away to begin my shopping, but turned back, finally stopping just to stare and take in a bright spot given to me as a gift. I came so close to thanking her for wearing those magnificent shoes, but would have felt too foolish.

I know what I will do. There’s a marvelous shoe store just up the street——

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