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I decided to go to the most convenient station to fill up, knowing they are all at least $2.91. I gas up only once every six weeks to two months, and hurricane season begins in three weeks. My station was packed, with only two vacant bays and one of those was out of order. Then I saw the price — $2.89! A gold rush at $2.89. What’s this world coming to? I pulled in the last empty bay and started pumping—very slowly. It took minutes to pump one gallon, but just as three gallons was almost showing on the pump, everything froze. Two ladies near me held the hose as I did, like a limp, three-day old catfish. An employee appeared as we clicked and shook the dry hoses. She said the regular tank was empty but we could switch to premium. I don’t think so. My three gallons took me to almost half a tank, so that would have to do.

That Shell could use a sign saying, “Regular $2.89 — IF WE HAD ANY.” Heck, they could say, “Regular 50 Cents — IF WE HAD ANY.”

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