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Annie Jacobsen, author of Terror in the Skies about an incident on Flight 327 involving suspicious Arab passengers has continued to investigate similar incidents. Annie seems to be a one-woman Homeland Security, bringing to light pockets of suspicious behavior involving airline flights. She not only gets little aid from government agencies charged with protecting us, but often receives outright hostility. “I am reporting you to the FBI” was one comment when she asked questions. “Go ahead,” said Annie. I promise you will cringe more than once reading her latest account of a missing student from Saudi Arabia. The following is from her article in http://womenswallstreet.com/ I urge you to read the whole report.

Apparently Anwar Al—— (she is not disclosing last name) applied for a US visa with doctored paperwork from the University of Arkansas. Despite the required face-to-face interview with US Embassy officials (a fact confirmed with me by the State Department) no one caught this. Instead, an embassy worker issued Al—— a visa to come to a University in the middle of a University semester, a highly irregular time. Al—— got on a plane and flew into the United States, despite his name being on a terrorist watch list. Al—— passed, undetected, through Customs and Immigration despite the fact that he presented what must have been fraudulent travel documents and despite the fact that his name was on terrorist watch list. Three days after his illegal entry, he was involved in a suspicious incident at an airport that involved six US Federal Agencies. Not one of them detained him for further questioning; ICE agents never examined his travel documents; an Arabic speaker never questioned him in his native tongue; and bomb-sniffing dogs never examined his bags. FBI couldn’tverify” that this particular young man was the terrorist on the watch list, so Al—— was let go. Al—— never showed up for class. Four months after he arrived, in February 2007, University officials reported him missing. ICE agents never contacted the University for a follow-up to his absence, nor did agents from FBI. Anwar Al—— had successfully slipped past every, single federal control system put in place to catch someone like him in a post-9/11 world. He remains at large.

A link to Women’s Wall Street is on this page. Annie’s blog is also listed. I would hope readers would check these two sources often because we are not getting this information on the front page or nightly news. At the moment the best thing we can do is follow Annie’s reports. Information important to your safety is not getting to you via the usual routes. I promise it will make you angry and scare the hell out of you.

 NOTE: Some have discredited Annie Jacobsen’s version of Flight 327. A full report issued this week by the government  confirmed the actions of the passengers, however they were later confirmed to be musicians.  Apparently the jury is out on whether Annie Jacobsen is a credible reporter. I will continue to follow her writings and to be observant when flying.

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