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We were Nancy Drew — the generations of girls who grew up with our noses in her books. Nancy took us on adventures where a young woman matched wits with bad guys and always won in the end. She had the inventiveness of McGiver about her, and the righteousness of Roy Rogers, impeccable manners of Miss Post, yet she was one of us. Nancy was unimpeded by societal restrictions on women, yet certainly not a blatant feminist.

I am reminded of all this because I recently saw the movie, “Nancy Drew.” Skeptical of the modern setting in Los Angeles it was with trepidation that I sat down in the theatre and waited through trailers, mostly clamorous and crude. I needn’t have worried. My Nancy from the forties was still there with all her manners and social skills. Even her clothing was modest and stylish—”self made from patterns left by her deceased mother.”If you have hesitated to see it, don’t. It’s a delightful movie.

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