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Just under one mile is the distance I walked in the house on wash day, about what I expected. I will continue to check other days to see how normal daily activities stack up in the sneaky exercise department.

 Now for my absolute best hint for sneaky exercise. This is one you do all day every day yet carve not one minute from your busy schedule. It’s for your glutes. Anybody need help there? The number of reps will depend on how many times you get up out of your chair, so you couch potatoes who never leave the sofa–sorry. This is what you do. Each time you rise from your chair check that instinct to press on the chair or your knees for support. Put those hand in front of you, and with weight on your heels slowly rise. That’s it. If you aren’t used to getting up unaided it may seem  difficult at first, but believe me, it gets easier, and your butt gets harder and harder, as do your thighs and the back of your legs. If you have trouble with balance at first you can always grab onto the chair when needed. You’ll need that support less and less as you own body takes over.

See? Sneaky, no extra time at the gym. But you have the advantage of many repetitions during the day that will build your leg muscles and create strength as well as lift that bulbous butt a little. You’re welcome.

Stay tuned for other sneaky ways to keep your strength, trim your body and improve your balance.

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