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Are you ready for another tip to help you sneak exercise into your everyday life? Here it comes. I’ve always said that if the doc gave me a year to live I’d take it in football time. Now I’ve put that philosophy to practical use. With football season on us it was either continue what I did during the first Colt’s game—snack away my nervous energy– or use it in a productive way. I vowed to spend part of game time lifting hand weights. This workout is in the planning process still, but already shows great promise. With no real time frame in mind, I started on biceps at the beginning of a quarter and continued with the whole upper body. Once my muscles begin to quiver I switched to abs, then a little yoga. Before I realized it I had moved through two fifteen minute quarters. I don’t have to tell you that comes to way more than thirty minutes especially if there is a lot of passing, and we’re talking Peyton Manning here. Such a deal! Maybe not as cool as that last year to live thing, but still beneficial.

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WATCHING the Colts

Some of you might remember how I “watched” my Colts pay football last year on the web.  Orlando could not get the games on TV in  (with basic cable anyway) so I resorted to the NFL web site and hit “refresh” periodically to keep up with the scoring. It was pathetic. Luckily Indianapolis won the Super Bowl and their games are now broadcast widely so Colts fans are going to have a grand season WATCHING our team. GO COLTS! 2-0 and counting.

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