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To be continued——— three of the most dreaded words in the English language. Just as the elevator begins dropping and the walls slowly inch closer to our hero the screen freezes —- TO BE CONTINUED. That’s what kept us coming back to the good ole Saturday serial, but remember how frustrating it was to have the story yanked away from you? Sure you think, they could get away taunting kids with those games, but now I’m adult. Ha! They were just warming your inner adult up for the newspapers. When is the last time you saw a complete story on the front page? It’s been a while, I’ll bet. So how do you deal with the interruption?

My daughter Amy asked the other day whether I went immediately to A-4 and finished the story or just caught the ending when I progressed to that page. Well, unless the story is of great interest I just wait until I get to the continuation and pick it up again.

“Aha! I knew it,” Amy said, “Anyone who reads five books at the same time would do it that way.”

I had never thought of that. She may be right or perhaps I’m just conditioned by the old serials to have that space between sections of narrative. How do others handle them — you, for instance? I’d like to hear.

Note: Of course you know when this post goes into archives it will be whacked in half with a link to “read full post.” Maybe I should rename the piece “Irony.”

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