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I am fresh from enduring another presidential debate, this time Republicans on Fox. Since I have no idea who will earn my hanging chad next November, or even January, I’ll engage in a little “fluffery”* as the news media do. (NOTE: My Webster has the subheading Usage under the word media to explain the word is plural, but old Webster gave in to popular misusage if singular is what floats your boat. Wimps!) But I digress. After the debate tonight I asked myself several questions that may or may not have any bearing on presidential acumen, but they were fun. Hey, it’s a long campaign; we are allowed a little fun. So here you go:

  • Coolest Under Fire – Huckabee
  • Quickest Wit – Thompson, Huckabee
  • Most Likely To Slip Off the Edge – Paul (You knew that) McCain (A little too controlled of late)
  • Says Almost All the Right Things; Why don’t I believe him? – Romney, Guiliani
  • Says Many of the Right Things, a Few Scary Things; Why do I believe him? – Paul
  • Most Presidential (surprised myself on this one) – Huckabee
  • Least Presidential – I won’t even say it. His supporters might put a fatwa out on me.

Let’s only hope I will come up with better criteria before the primary. I would hate to make Florida a laughing stock on election day.

* Fluffery. See that word, Mr. Webster? If you can add truthiness and cred to the lexicon, you can add my contribution. (Truthiness be known, I like both those words, but that’s beside the point.)


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