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I just turned the radio on and Neal Boortz went to break after saying he still smelled smoke and asked someone to check on it. Surely some of the meteor’s fire balls couldn’t have reached Atlanta, GA!!  My grandsons aren’t far from there. Got to keep listening.

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NOTE: The following post and others relating to the Wolf Point meteor were part of a conspiracy. Yes, you conspiracy wonks, this is your day. The participants were a group of bloggers across the country (all the way to China) who decided a week ago to recreate a high tech War of the Worlds. Our creative guru issued press releases and we took off on them in our own ways. So it’s back to normal now — that is until the spy satellite crashes to earth in the near future. Hey guys, that one is real.

Where is the news media, watching people do exit polls? I got a call from a friend in North Dakota this morning (I’m a late sleeper and she woke me) saying a huge meteor had landed in Wolf Point, Montana. She heard at least 7,000 were killed. Fires are spreading from the rocks falling miles outward. She is scared to death and is packing to get out of town. The skies are darkened there. That’s all the news she has heard because communication has been knocked out all over. I tried to call back shortly after and phones were out. She will call when she gets away from the disaster. The roads are going to be packed. I hope she makes it.

I’ll keep you posted. Excuse any mistakes. I am a bit shook up.

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