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See that guy standing on his balcony high above the city, looking down on the town? He has mountain envy. Not that I blame him; so do I, but not in the same way. I want my mountain in little chunks – stones and rocks. As soon as I realized there was a paucity of rocks in Florida, I began to covet them. People in North Carolina know this, so they blast those mountains and haul them piece by piece to Florida.It took a while to realize that where I now live something was missing. Shirley Jackson could never have centered her famous short story, The Lottery, in Florida. Not enough stones.

Today we went to rock haven. It’s a place called Pebble Junction where they stack sorted rocks in neat piles over acres. We bought beautiful river rock last year to go in our solar water fountain. Today we planned to buy enough to edge our wildlife garden – thirty-one feet. It would look exactly like the one in Ireland I fashioned it by. Of course, rocks aren’t sold in feet. They are sold by the pound. Do you have any idea how much thirty-one feet of small stones weigh? We don’t either, but our initial calculations convinced us the plan was not going to work.

All is never lost as long as I remember my camera. I captured pink sparkly rocks, green sparkly rock and the most beautiful of all, the glacier green. It looks like chunks of iceberg. So I have been to the mountaintop and couldn’t afford it.








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