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Something special is disappearing before our eyes—used book stores. Jerry and I rely on Legible Leftovers, a wonderful little bookstore with bibliocats, and mysterious rooms of books. This afternoon we run over for our fix. The door is locked, books shelves are partially empty. It has the look of abandonment. We feel abandoned. How will we feed our habit now? It’s not just the prices; it’s the books you don’t see at Barnes & Nobles. That wonderful book review you read six years ago, but never got the book until you saw it here, the new writer you found along with a stash of her other books, classics you wish you had read, the little book of Haiku found in a tiny poetry room—all in the past.


We hop in the car and drive to a strip center where we once see a bookstore sign. It is a bookstore, but for school books. We go on to the adjacent town. We knew of three bookstores there at one time and think one might be still open. It is, with a parking spot right in front. Our luck seems to be changing. There is even the requisite cat, and a dog for good measure, old books in every space. But search as we do, not one book fits our tastes. Frankly my nose burns from the past-due-for-a-change litter box. It is not a pleasant place to browse.


We can order online, and do, but it’s not the same as wandering through the aisles till something strikes your fancy and reading a little to be sure. At Legible Leftovers one particular kitty would often help in my search, stopping at the shelf where I’d find the perfect book. My friend says a small, new store will open soon in another adjacent town. Dare we hope?

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Where I am…

This blog has been neglected and it pains me. Just as remodeling hit a place not quite so frantic my computer crashed. Sharing a computer with my generous husband is not the same as total access where thoughts can travel through my fingers anytime of the day. I am so addicted to this mode of communication. I don’t know whether to apologize or rejoice. Please hang in there and keep checking back. The Calvary in the form of a Computer geek is due tomorrow.

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Here is our contribution to the local economy, not to mention my enjoyment. The upgrade wasn’t done in an “HGTV hour” but ran pretty smoothly over about ten days. We are talking ALL new–except for the shower curtain I am very attached to. There is a learning curve as with anything new. I still feel like I’m fighting a spitting anaconda when trying to adjust the Water Pik, but I’ll learn. It’s so nice to be in the new millennium.  Now on to the kitchen.

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[]This is the Swiss Army Knife of painter’s tools. Home Depot gives them away. The paint can opener on one end works great, but I have a question. Do we really want our painters to have a beer bottle opener on the other end? On second thought, after rolling a couple of coats on porous knockdown this week ourselves, Jerry and I vote yes.

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Could I get some help here? This beautiful, vine-like plant was given to me by a friend, but neither of us know what it is. It was in the yard of an older house when she moved in and grows vociferously in Florida.  Not that a rose by any other name would be any sweeter, but we would both appreciate knowing what we have.

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