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Fire & Water

Just so blogging buddy Lea Kelley over at Lea Kelley Saying Thank You For doesn’t feel alone, I’ll embarrass myself. Her event was a fire alarm precipitated by water. Mine was fire. Come to think of it the smoke alarm didn’t go off. Perhaps I am getting faster with practice. Oh yes, I’ve had practice.

 This is what happened. I’m making tacos, warming the shells while I chop lettuce and grate cheese. I didn’t see smoke particularly, just flames. Did I say just? I yanked the small oven door open and blew. I don’t have to tell you what that did. A spray bottle of water was what I needed. Now who has a spray bottle of water lying around? So I grab a glass, draw water and pour it on a flaming taco shell, trying hard not to damage my new oven. I looked down, and at my feet, threatening to climbing up my good jeans was another flaming taco shell on the floor. More water.

 My beautiful, new, gray insulating gasket is now partially black, and dinner was two tacos short of a full plate, but it could have been worse. Next time I use the large oven at the bottom so shells are not so close to the elements. I hope this incident doesn’t portend trouble for the holidays. I hope to never surpass my record of four fires on an Easter day a few years go. I’m keeping the baking soda on the counter tomorrow just in case. 

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