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Thin mints on thin ice? Maybe, maybe not. I know you are reading sales of Girl Scout cookies are down this year. Perhaps they are, but not everywhere.

Each year a different Girl Scout appears at a friend’s door, but the friend’s response never changes: “I’ll buy your Girl Scout cookies if you can answer one question for me. Otherwise, no sale.”

 There is always surprised hesitation before the question every Girl Scout ought to know.

  “Who is Juliette Gordon Low?”

 For a correct answer, the order is always the same, a case of each variety—a caseof each! This year there were ten or eleven varieties, in case you are counting.

 I cannot believe word has not spread and that Daisies, Brownies and Girl Scouts aren’t trampling each other to get to that house first. I would never divulge information about this philanthropist, lest the house become marked with a small “GS” on the curb, following the lead of Depression era hobos. This is my single hint: the person has never been a Girl Scout. Well, I have, as well as my sister and daughter.  Presently my granddaughters are in Daisies and Girl Scouts, my daughter-in-law a scout leader, so I want to say a big public thank you to a nameless, very generous supporter. 

 I’m honored to know this person, and thrilled to know where the cookies are stashed.

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