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  1. Tool Kit
  2. GPS
  3. Computer (most of the time)
  4. Sunshine
  5. Photographs
  6. Open Windows
  7. Cats
  8. Books
  9. Online bill paying
  10. Restaurants with good veggie dishes

This list only scratches the surface, but it’s a start. What can you add?

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I planned to pass on a hint about how wearing a stylish, colorful scarf gets you lots of stranger smiles–until I got home today and noticed my zipper was opened. 😦

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Do you know the number one song on the day your were born?
 Go to www.joshhosler.biz <http://www.joshhosler.biz/> and look it up. It is so cool. I was surprised to learn that the tiny music I listen to all the time on the radio was in vogue when I made my entrance.  I wasn’t exactly grooving to the radio with the glowing tubes back then. Perhaps I should have connected the dots, but didn’t. How about you? Any surprises?

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There was so much handwriting on the wall that even the wall fell down.

Christopher Morley’s words in 1943 have relevance today for the “regulators” watching Bernie Madoff or Wall Street. So much for government watchdogs.

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A Monarch butterfly visited two days last week. You see the result here. Last count, there were nine, very tiny caterpillars. The cycle begins again.


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Lift Off!



Sun Setting



Shuttle Rising

Shuttle Rising




Discovery - March 15, 2009




After almost thirty-three years of watching the shuttle take off from a spot in front of our house, I saw it close up tonight. Do I have your permission to employ an over-used word? It was AWESOME, in the true sense of the word. 

My son took me to a special, secluded place he has gone to many times before. I think the word is out. More than half a dozen cars arrived with cameras, tripods and one with (I swear) a three-foot lens. A few of us had a hard time pulling away from the beautiful sunset until we heard the yell that the shuttle was lifting off. We swung around and started snapping that amazing sight as the space craft rose like a sunrise. Rays from a dying sun  on one side turned the shuttle’s contrail into a rainbow in spots.  Then came the rumble, for another  sensory stimulation. As the shuttle climbed higher, very sharp and clear, diamond-like boosters separated over our heads, it seemed. 

So now that I’ve seen the launch up close, I wonder. Will I ever be satisfied again with the view from the front yard?

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For the many other Kurt Vonnegut fans, Bob Weide of Whyaduck Productions writes:

In other news, my long-dormant documentary on Kurt Vonnegut is active, once-again. As you may know, Kurt passed away on April 11, 2007. (I can’t believe it’s been almost two years.) I have purposely kept my schedule free of other obligations for the next little while in hopes that I can make serious headway on this film which I started shooting in 1988. (I first approached Kurt about the project in 1982, so it’s either in its 20th year or 27th, depending on when you start counting.) I gave up long ago trying to predict a completion date for the film, but I’m hoping to finally have it finished before the end of this year. For more information, click here.

I know we have all been waiting for this documentary. It has been a long time in the making. I’ll post more when updates come out.

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owls-020-1There is really no story behind this shot. The neighborhood kids alerted me that two owls were in the palm tree, so I ran out with my camera and got this shot of one of the barred owls. She really is a beauty and her cooing who-who’s are soothing music wafting through the orange blossom scent on a Florida day in March. We have wonderful neighbors on this block, and not all of them live in houses.

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My lucky charm, the resident black racer, showed up at exactly 2 p.m. yesterday. As you can see from these charts the market immediately started upward. Too bad he crawled away after a while, taking the market along. Yesterday’s dip wasn’t as bad as previous days, though. What will today bring? Where is my lucky charm?


Note: I had to remove the chart because I posted a live one, which is totally not relevant. Trust me, it went up at 2 p.m.


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It was like shooting (or spearing) fish in a barrel for these big guys down at the pond today.  When water levels are high, birds dive for food in the glassy water. When it gets low, as it is now, the long legged water birds like egrets and herons just wade out and pick fish off until they are stuffed. There is another stage when it is reduced to puddles and mud and dead or dying fish lie all around. You would think that part would not be desirable. Ah, but you would not be a vulture. That’s when the clean-up crew comes in and takes away the stench, leaving the pond bottom clean and ready for summer rains that will keep it full most of the season. That’s when the soft shell turtles, bass, gar and other fish swim back over from adjacent lakes and ponds. No cycle is wasted as long as we let nature take its course.

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