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Lift Off!



Sun Setting



Shuttle Rising

Shuttle Rising




Discovery - March 15, 2009




After almost thirty-three years of watching the shuttle take off from a spot in front of our house, I saw it close up tonight. Do I have your permission to employ an over-used word? It was AWESOME, in the true sense of the word. 

My son took me to a special, secluded place he has gone to many times before. I think the word is out. More than half a dozen cars arrived with cameras, tripods and one with (I swear) a three-foot lens. A few of us had a hard time pulling away from the beautiful sunset until we heard the yell that the shuttle was lifting off. We swung around and started snapping that amazing sight as the space craft rose like a sunrise. Rays from a dying sun  on one side turned the shuttle’s contrail into a rainbow in spots.  Then came the rumble, for another  sensory stimulation. As the shuttle climbed higher, very sharp and clear, diamond-like boosters separated over our heads, it seemed. 

So now that I’ve seen the launch up close, I wonder. Will I ever be satisfied again with the view from the front yard?

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