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I found this interesting writing exercise on C’HELE blog. Try it if you like. It is fun and revealing. Speed Writing: the goal is to write down the following phrases as quickly as you can: “I wish____________” 

I wish for hardships that toughen not flatten.


I wish my body and mind would continue to do my bidding.


I wish all that’s in me would come out in relevant writing.


I wish toast didn’t burn, but popcorn did just a little.


I wish cats knew how much they mean to humans. Wait! Maybe they do.


I wish for at least a little humor in every day. Some days are definitely more laughable than others. 


I wish to taste fresh veggies from my garden before the bugs do.


I wish I could sing, but the deficiency hasn’t been that shattering to my life.


I wish my children have only enough conflict to feel alive.


I wish them mostly happiness and peace.


I wish I could swim.


I wish I could see forever.


I wish for enough.

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