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Obama & Osama

I am cautiously optimistic about Obama’s trip to Egypt and the tenor of his talks with and about Muslims. Respect goes a long way. If any need further proof that his actions might have an impact on Muslims’ feelings toward the U.S., just listen to the defensive tone of bin Laden’s recorded messages last week. Anything that causes him to feel he is losing his grip cannot be all bad.

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Last weekend’s elections across Europe  (England, Hungary, Netherlands, Spain, Germany) all leaned decidedly right. So while the U.S. voters have begun to envision a cradle to grave society with open borders, smaller European countries are farther along on that destructive path. They are feeling the sting of rampant immigration and socialist policies that are negatively impacting their economy and are waking up.  We need to pay attention. And to the liberals who have long looked to Europe for wisdom, I say don’t avert your eyes. Keep watching.

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The future will be better tomorrow.

Dan Quayle



I laughed when Dan Quayle made that remark, and you did, too. Only now, re-reading it do I see the wisdom. Yes, wisdom. Think about the times you have worried about what you just knew would happen tomorrow—and did it? Most times, no. My motto about worry is: Don’t pay interest on a debt that may never come due.

 So, will the future be better tomorrow? Probably. I certainly hope so.

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