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Hadley Hemmingway, Ernest’s first wife said this of him, according to her biographer:

Meeting Hemmingway at a party in Chicago, she told Alice Sokoloff, was a great ‘explosion into life.’ He was the first person to see deeply into her true nature, and in a rueful irony, he helped her find the strong sense of self that sustained her through their breakup.

I was so struck by this passage. Substitute Jerry and “his death” for “breakup” and you have my husband’s gift to me.

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I tried, I really, really did, but can’t resist a comment on Obama gaffs last night. (Isn’t that his VP’s domain anyway?) Just allow me this after eight years of hearing similar remarks about Bush (not my Bush, but Bush). I’ll be kind.

I’m trying to understand how Obama could have upset two huge segments of the population in one press conference. The first, of course, were the nation’s police, because they all consider themselves brothers. He should have stopped with I’m not aware of all the facts and come to a screeching halt when he felt the word “stupidly” boiling out to describe police action about which he had no first hand knowledge.

Then there was the point when Obama insinuated that he considered all surgeons dishonest enough to take a child’s tonsils out because the fee chart showed higher payment than other treatments. The fact that the diagnosis of a sore throat is usually by a family doctor who would not be doing surgery was lost in the rambling thought.

You can’t say he isn’t thoughtful when he talks. My mother used to say of a man who spoke with Obama’s glacial speed, “I just want to finish the sentence for him.” Mother, you would have done a much better job last night –for sure.

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Roxie Wall

Do I have good news for book lovers in the Central Florida area, especially Seminole County. We have all felt the loss of Legible Leftovers, which had been the place to go for used books for many years. This blog has probably received more hits from readers searching for information on that store than any other subject. I promised those who found their way here that would I get the word out if another super used book store came along in this area. Well, it certainly has. P1060296 I visited Best Used Books (880 S. Hwy. 17/92, Longwood, FL) today. It is about a mile or less from the last location of Legible Leftovers. It is in area of the Albertsons on 17/92 a little south of SR 434, near Dan’s Restaurant and Cheap Guys Computers on the west side of 17/92. This is not a dinky little bookstore, although there’s nothing wrong with that.P1060305 It is expansive with soft and hardcover of any genre you are looking for. There are books and comic books for the kiddies and movies and audio books. Think of Barnes & Nobles. Just about everything you find there, you’ll find here, but with your 50% off credit you’ll manage to take home more. Owners Roxie and John Wall are the kind of people you want to run into while nosing around for your favorite read. They have been in business for twelve years. Best Used Books was first in Maitland for three or four years, then Fern Park at the K-Mart Plaza for years, part of that time running a branch store on I-Drive simultaneously. They have been at the present location for about seven months. Can’t believe I’m only now hearing about it. (Thanks, Abbe.) Roxie said they will honor credits from prior stores, so if you’ve lost them, here they are. I understand their daughter Crystal Buchanan is popular with the reading crowd and helps out there, too. Sorry I didn’t get to meet her. P1060308 The phone number is 407-339-8200. Hours are:

  • Mon. – Sat. 10:00 – 7:00 and
  • Sun. – 12:00 – 6:00.

So those of you searching for Best Used Books new location or a replacement for Legible Leftovers, I think you will be pleased. I know I am. Now to start on that pile of books I brought home . . .

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You know what they say happens when you are over the hill? You pick up speed, of course. Darned if it isn’t true and I think I may know why, at least in my case. Older people tend to cast off things that are no longer useful (my mother almost stripped her house) and eliminate activities and associations that no longer give them pleasure. Perhaps the feeling is that life’s fuse is burning shorter and we don’t have a minute to squander on non-rewarding things. I’ll leave that to psychologists. I just held a microscope over my own changes and found them interesting. Here are some of the things I now do.

  • Choose microwave over crock pot (all that planning, you know)
  • No longer compare purchases strolling store to store, but on Internet
  • Encourage e-mails instead of time wasting phone calls (anti-social, I know)
  • During commercials, play show recorded earlier on TV and get two in very little more time
  • Skim newspaper articles instead of reading every little thing. I’ve seen most on Internet anyway.
  • Crave news instantly from Twitter, treating “refresh” like a one-armed bandit in the casino when things are really breaking.
  • Revel in flash fiction and haiku (reading and creating)
  • Love challenge of squeezing my thoughts into 140 characters on Twitter, making every word count.

For what do I squirrel away all this time, you might be thinking. Family, friends, good books (or slutty books, if I like), working on my house and first garden, exercising, keeping an eye on government, doing photography, matching wits with my cats, any darn thing I enjoy – and nothing I don’t.

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I have a new granddog, an adorable bichon frise. My son, who gave his lab the great name Sprocket, is at a loss naming this elegant little girl. He asked if I would get help from my “clever, creative” blogging buddies. The name should be classy, as befitting her look.  So what do you say? Any ideas out there?

Nameless One

Nameless One

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P1060173P1060187P1060190My first red pepper. I don’t know whether to eat it or look at it. Who knew gardening could be so exciting?

There’s still a little green on bottom, but couldn’t wait to pick it.

Note: Always click Control & + to elarge my photos.

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Ashlyn-CheerleaderSomeone asked if this was posed. Not at all. My great-grand-neice had been talking with the cheerleaders and next thing her mother knew she struck their pose quite nonchalantly. I could not resist posting. They just get cuter every generation.

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Yesterday I ate my first home grown tomato. It was beautiful, tasty and juicy. Maybe a little extra juicy. Could that be because of all the rain?

P1060162My red pepper is turning red, the eggplant sprouting more blooms, and four okra plants starting to look like they mean business. I may just have to hire help for the harvest, get a combine in here, or something.  Good thing I planted only one of each except for the okra. Anyone for gumbo?

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P1060021My grandsons and I rode over to the Mayfair Country Club last week to see something very special. The golfing group my husband played with for years decided even before Jerry’s memorial service to dedicate a tournament in his memory. P1060013The plaques and trophies have arrived and the first winners have been engraved. They are both friends Jerry would be happy to see as winners.

P1060007 Our family is overwhelmed with the love in this gesture from the guys Jerry enjoyed so much every Tuesday and Thursday. He played with them up until the day before he was hospitalized. I will remind them what he has said to them many times, “It’s just a game, guys. We’re here to have fun!” And he did have fun.P1060009

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For those of you too young to remember, you can thank the guy who jimmied a Tylenol bottle and corrupted it for the “safety caps” you now contend with. Now Tylenol has been smeared again. This time they deserve it.

Sell, sell in every fashion. Hang the consumer. Drop a little in this med and a little in that. Consumers trust it. Why? Because doctors and hospitals, particularly hospitals, push it like—-well, you know. Aspirin? Oh, no, that “can” cause stomach upset. At least stomach upset gives off a sign an organ is affected, unlike  Tylenol when it  has moved into your liver on the witness protection program.

Why did this happen? Who knows? Want a guess? Its closest competitor, Aspirin, one of our historic drugs, was cheap, very cheap, and trusted. The aspirin companies had no need to comp doctors and hospitals to push their product. Sometimes it just pays to trust your gut–especially if it is not burning like hellfire every time you swallow a forbidden pill.

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