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For those of you too young to remember, you can thank the guy who jimmied a Tylenol bottle and corrupted it for the “safety caps” you now contend with. Now Tylenol has been smeared again. This time they deserve it.

Sell, sell in every fashion. Hang the consumer. Drop a little in this med and a little in that. Consumers trust it. Why? Because doctors and hospitals, particularly hospitals, push it like—-well, you know. Aspirin? Oh, no, that “can” cause stomach upset. At least stomach upset gives off a sign an organ is affected, unlike  Tylenol when it  has moved into your liver on the witness protection program.

Why did this happen? Who knows? Want a guess? Its closest competitor, Aspirin, one of our historic drugs, was cheap, very cheap, and trusted. The aspirin companies had no need to comp doctors and hospitals to push their product. Sometimes it just pays to trust your gut–especially if it is not burning like hellfire every time you swallow a forbidden pill.

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