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Cat Attraction

Are all cats drawn to computers? Are they the ultimate technophobes or is the spot between you and the computer commensurate with you and the newspaper? Neither Emma nor Luther will dare sit in my lap. Oh no, but when my “lap” is the computer desk I can’t keep them away. P1060531

So today Luther parked himself right where I needed to spread receipts to enter in Quicken.  I just pretended he wasn’t there and stacked them right on him. He hardly twitched, sat there the whole process.

Now Emma comes along later as I am viewing the picture I took of him. She sees brother on the screen, figures it’s her turn and plops in front of the screen. In a way, Emma is the bigger challenge because she doesn’t know the command “lie down” and he does, and she has that lush plume of a tail that Luther doesn’t. P1060541On the positive side, it is well dusted behind the screen everytime she loops back there.

Are you quite sure Hemmingway got any writing done in Key West  with all those cats roaming around?

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