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Honor your grocery bagger on Memorial Day? Maybe. A couple of weeks ago I remarked to the gray haired gentleman taking my groceries to the car that it was surely hotter than advertised. He said this heat didn’t compare with living in a two man tent in full gear when it was 110 degrees in there. I stopped and really looked at him. He went on to explain he was in Special Forces in 1957 and parachuted into many countries and many weather conditions. By then I had forgotten about the parking lot heat, soon to be relieved in my air conditioned car. I was watching his eyes light up as he described jumping time and again from airplanes.

“The earth keeps moving toward you, and you are floating,” he said. Because of that bagger and others like him many living on that earth below are free–and so am I.  Thank you to all the unsung heroes we look past every day. You are the best.

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I’ve been away too long. There is no excuse (Facebook) but I’ll try this cover story. I really have been writing, only for publication and competition. And then there’s Facebook.  Both are true, but let me jump in with both feet to describe my lucky day.

My grocery store, Publix, advertises “Where Shopping is a Pleasure.” Picking unblemished tomatoes, comparing ingredients and having to choose protein from refrigerated animal parts is not my idea of  pleasure. Publix truly has found a way to elevate the experience. Mostly it’s the employees. They own the company with their stock purchases, so perhaps that’s part of the reason. Anyway, props to one of my favorite stores.

Last week I intended to buy a $1 scratch-off ticket, but the smallest in the machine was $2, so I sprung for another dollar. Won $4, and today bought two of those tickets, so perhaps the luck started last week. It continued today. Gallon jugs of tea were BOGO (buy one get one free) so I bought two though I needed only one. At the checkout a beautiful young woman had only one jug. She told the checker that’s all she needed. I said, “Me, too, but I got two anyway.” She put one of mine with hers and paid then gave mine back. A bagger returned the one I didn’t need. Free tea! $2.49 in the pocket along with the $10 in coupons I brought. I promised the random-act-of-kindness lady I would pay it forward.

Before I left, the checker offered me a $10 coupon to use on a product later. Someone left it with him.

Leaving the store I remember where I’m parked, right in front of the store, the first space. There are two handicapped spaces there, but this ones comes first. Has it always, or was that just for today? You know what I’m going to do now? Grab my lucky penny and scratch off those two tickets. Now what will I do with $30,000? Ummmmm

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