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Forget booming and blasting, this has been a “beeping” 4th of July at my house. For the first time in many years, I had nothing planned for the holiday. My grandsons left yesterday and that was as far as my horizon went, so today would be relaxing and catching up. That was the best laid plan. You know what they say about those.

My son-in-law came a couple of days ago to troubleshoot the hot water heater timer. While there he kindly installed my new smoke detector over the garage door, next to the heater. Fast forward to today as I go back and forth to the washing machine. A faint beep beep beep sounds the whole time I am in the garage. The timer was stuck again and I could hear it beeping. But I also heard it near the washer and car (but not inside the closed car), and near the tool shelves. That’s it. I must have turned on one of the battery powered drill bits when my son was looking for one to hang my tiebacks a week ago. One of them was telling me it needed a charge.

Meantime my daughter calls back. Test the new smoke detector she suggested. That wasn’t a brand new battery either. Caramba! That had to be it. But. no. Her husband assured us there was nothing in the heater timer that could possibly beep. I checked outside by the AC, then opened the garage door. Maybe it came from the neighborhood. No again.

We are a couple of hours into this problem when my daughter calls back. “Could it be the old smoke detector you threw away?”

“Not a chance. I threw that in the kitchen trash –-

—which I threw in the garbage can in the garage. I’ll be right back.”

YES! I opened the lid and one of the plastic bags was beeping strongly. Do I feel like a fool? Well, yes, again. In an hour or so I will take the can to the street for tomorrow’s pickup, so won’t have to hear it anymore. Will the garage men think there is a bomb in my trash? I hope it burns itself out by then. Maybe I should put a note on the can.

Next 4th I’m going where fireworks and their cacophony light up the sky. It has to be better than this “beeping” 4th.

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