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What did you do before with the time you now spend on the computer? My husband sprang that question on me the other day and now I’m springing it on you. I do spend hours at this screen every day. I’d never thought about what I was doing before with my time. So here is my list of things I have given up or spend less time on:


  • TV—That’s the activity that has suffered the most and I don’t miss it at all. As a matter of fact, when I try to find something to watch while relaxing I wear my thumb out channel surfing. TV has gotten worse. My time is better spent on the computer for sure.
  • Shopping—I had to dig to come up with this one. Surely I did more than watch TV before, and I did. This revelation surprised me. Shopping used to be an enjoyable sport to me. Now what I don’t order online I save up to buy in one trip as quickly as I can. When did that happen and why? Who knows, but I see the UPS man more than a store clerk now no doubt.
  • Finances—I wrote checks by hand, balanced my checkbook (sometimes) and subtracted until the money was gone. Now Quicken shows my finances at a glance, bills are paid online, bank accounts handled the same way. I’ve saved money and time in this instance, and best of all kicked the little voice from the FUKOWEE Indian tribe. If you read Kurt Vonnegut I won’t have to explain that last one.
  • Writing fiction—This is the one downer. I realize my writing urges are being too satisfied with this blog, leaving my serious writing over in a corner somewhere.  


That is it as far as I can tell. I still exercise (biking, walking and yoga) though no longer at a club. I certainly read as much as ever, if not more. And photography? I take way more pictures now. The instant gratification of seeing them on screen or printed immediately enhances that activity. Now that I have pinpointed the one area I need to attend to, I plan to do just that. Of course, that will mean more time here on the computer. It all comes back to Big Hal, doesn’t it? 


What have YOU thrown aside or slighted for your relationship with the computer? How has it affected your life? Perhaps you have thought about it; I hadn’t. If computer is as big a part of your life as mine I think you should. I would really like to hear your views.

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Cat Snips

emmaweights7-7-0051.jpgFrom time to time I’ll be dropping little snippets (or snips) of cat lore or tips. You might think of them as catnip for cat lovers. Let’s hope they won’t drive you as crazy as catnip does Luther or leave you as nonplused as Emma is around it. I just want to share what the kitties are teaching me. So, Snip #1:

You have just enough time to get to the vet’s office for your cat’s appointment. He is under the bed, the middle of the bed, too far to reach, and not budging. What to do? Try what worked with Luther this week; get out the vacuum cleaner, plug it in and call a backup cat catcher. Ready? Now turn on the vacuum. I hope yours will shoot out as fast as Luther did. We threw the harness on and Jerry wore him around his neck all the way to doctor.

(That’s Emma in the picture. She couldn’t do another set.)

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This Rocks

fountain-0111.jpg    There Jerry and I were in Sanford, Florida in the middle of a Pebble Junction, an open air rock supermarket. We tell the man behind the counter what we are looking for, small stones to go in the bottom of our cascading fountain so the birds won’t drown when they bathe or drink. It was like asking for toothpicks in a lumber yard. They not only didn’t he laugh, but pulled out a large brochure and checked off one possibility after another. The number, name of the rock and aisle were all there. We grabbed a sturdy wagon and headed to aisle 4. Outlining the aisles of smaller stones were much larger stones, then displays, then mountains of gravel in different tones. We’re talking stone wonderland. The natural beauty gathered in one place was overwhelming. How do you choose among such jewels? I promise you I never felt this way in a jewelry store, but these gems were manly chunks of the earth, unpolished, unadorned, just raw beauty.

The small irregular, but rounded stones with sparkling quartz caught my eye and I fingered one after the other. “You know rattlesnakes would love any pile on this property,” my husband murmured, looking around. I pulled my hand back, but only for a moment.

One of the workers who had overheard us interrupted to point us to the multi-colored river rock. I hated to leave the sparkles, but we did. The multi-colored were pretty and one looked like a red heart. Wait. Another couple was rifling through our sparkling rocks. There must have been an acre of rocks and they were at mine! So we go back. They wanted large ones; we wanted small, so a truce of sorts took place.

Jerry thought we had enough with the two types, but I had not tried on every shoe—-uhh seen every rock — but I agreed to check out. I suddenly realized it was about 100 degrees in the middle of a rock farm. At the end of the aisle were Glacier Green , the most beautiful stones I have ever seen, looking like chunks of an iceberg. We arrived at checkout just before a couple of guys came dragging boulders.  We looked at our wagon, then theirs and said, “You go ahead.” Now I am not accustomed to buying rocks and the guys in front of us rang up a bill in the hundreds, so I felt for my card. The clerk weighed our loot and said, “$2.62.”  I had to ask twice.  Cool.

The stones are now resting beautifully in the solar fountain Jerry gave me for our wedding anniversary.  It is the most amazing gift I could imagine. And if the fountain is not enough to impress someone I can always say my husband gave me a four-pound rock for our 50th.

If you would like to learn more about the facinating rock store, check out www.pebblejunction.com.

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