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You know what makes this illegal immigration issue so complicated? These damn tamales. Some of you know I am renovating my house. That calls for laborers and craftsmen –U.S. citizens because of my feelings on illegal immigration. I had a job set up with a local tile setter, but he had excessive earwax on the appointed day, then a pulled muscle the second day. Fernando could come right away. He did a beautiful job and by damn he brought me tamales the second day. You see how complicated this gets? I am from Texas and would sell my soul for a good, genuine Mexican tamale. Thank God I didn’t have to. Fernando is studying for his citizenship, so obviously a resident alien. So I’m off the hook—except for Ramona. Actually, it was my mother who rescued her from our garbage, trying to feed her children. After that day, she cleaned our home (and our friends’ homes) for over twenty years. When the time came, she insisted on sitting by my father’s casket all night. As I said, it is very complicated.
Most of us who lobby to enforce our borders are not bigots. We just believe in sovereignty, secure borders, and fair treatment of all who want to enter from whatever country.  And we want our our country to use its powers to pressure our neighbors to the south to treat their citizens right. We have no problem trying to rearrange priorities of countries on other continents. Mexicans live in a beautiful, bountiful country, rich in oil, tourism, precious metals, and history. Their people should be participating in the wealth that funnels to the elite. Why isn’t this a priority with our government? Why can’t Ramona and Fernando make a living in their beloved country? Why?

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The object of the stimulus bill is to inject cash into the economy as quickly as possible. Rebate checks will not go out before May or June, but there is a more direct way to get money in circulation. Many who file online and get a refund have the money direct deposited.

Since the Stimulus Act uses 2007 income figures, as soon as 1040’s are e-filed, deposits could be shot out to the taxpayer’s bank with appropriate rebate added. Then there are the millions of Social Security recipients who get their checks direct deposited every month. Why would you print and pay postage on those? Oh, that’s right, it appears retirees are not included in the stimulus unless they have income.

Can you say “Catch 22?” Apparently withdrawal from 401-K, which is treated as income in every taxable sense, will not count. Be that as it may, Washington could save us all money and get the economy goosed much quicker by using direct deposit where possible.

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If I can stop laughing long enough I want to refer you to my friend’s version of Bush’s State of the Union speech. Instead of watching tonight, you might want to spend the time reading Abbe’s version. I guarantee you’ll end up in a much better mood.


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