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Excuse my exuberance, but I feel like firing my handgun into the sky. The Supreme Court minutes ago handed down a decision on the D.C. gun ownership case, declaring the framers of the constitution meant to give rights to individual citizens to own guns independent of their connection to a militia.



This decision is also a nod to the spirit of independence, the belief that we are all responsible for taking care of ourselves whenever possible. Some of us, particularly older citizens, are at a disadvantage against anyone breaking in our homes to do harm. They don’t call it “the equalizer” for nothing. I would think AARP would celebrate this decision with fireworks. Oops! I’d better think again about that liberal organization.



You know the old advice to writers: If you place a rifle over the fireplace early in your story, you darn well better use it later on. Here’s advice to gun owners: If you have a rifle hanging over the fireplace (or by your bedside) you cut the chances you will have to use it. That is what a small Southern town discovered after passing a law requiring every citizen to own a gun. Crime went down dramatically. Guns in the right hands decrease crime and protect the innocent.  And that is what I expect today’s Supreme Court victory to reflect down the road.  


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A Minnesota woman was murdered yesterday after she left to meet someone who responded to her Craigslist ad for a job as a nanny. Something about that story had a familiar ring. And this was it. On October 3, 2007, here in Longwood, FL a woman’s house was invaded.  Two men hog tied and robbed her in her home in a gated community. She had recently placed an ad to rent out a room – on Craigslist. I don’t know that a connection was ever established and do not think the perpetrators have been caught.

So what are we to do? I doubt there is anything peculiar to Craigslist that would put a person at risk except that it is easily accessible to so many people. These victims might just as well have advertised in the newspaper with the same result. So what is the answer? I don’t know. We stopped advertising our free bamboo on Craigslist after receiving  a strange call. A woman said she would be coming from a distance and would need to use the bathroom when she got here and asked if she could come in the house. My husband did not encourage her to come.

We’ve encountered suspicious people in many circumstances. Maybe the answer is to be alert. I’d be happy to hear from others on this topic.

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