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Perhaps this photo deserves a note. The yellow African iris was a gift from a friend (thank you, Abbe) from her yard. She has several plants growing since the 40’s or 50’s, planted by original owners. If they are not heirloon, they seem to be. Others have seen my yellow iris and asked where I found it. Apparently most out there are white. I know, you can’t tell after my manipulation of the photo. There is a reason for it. The feature that thrills me most about this flower is its proud self-esteem. If it had a chest it would be swelled as it stands as tall as possible and reaches toward the sun. I was trying to capture that effort, that movement. I hope it comes through. Enjoy.

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Could I get some help here? This beautiful, vine-like plant was given to me by a friend, but neither of us know what it is. It was in the yard of an older house when she moved in and grows vociferously in Florida.  Not that a rose by any other name would be any sweeter, but we would both appreciate knowing what we have.

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