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I’ve seen a lot of football players take heart-stopping hits lately, the kind where they are running full speed right up until they hit a wall of muscle. It hurts to look at, but my question is this. When those guys get in their cars do they really need an airbag?

Have you noticed how many beauty products from soap to anti-aging cream have French sub-titles? Does this make them better somehow, especially since they are probably made in China?

Name a female cartoonist. Neither can I. Why is that? We’re funny, we can draw.

When a word your mind is searching for is dancing out there in some ethereal zone just above your brain, do you know how many syllables it has even thought you don’t know which letter it starts with? Or is it just me?

When I bought my sons Lego’s and Lincoln Logs thirty, forty years ago we got a big honking box with plastic pieces or wood logs, maybe a few suggestions. Today each box builds specific items or buildings. No coloring outside the line or producing your own unique creation. No, no that work is done for you. I just returned a whoopdedoo Erector set meant for my grandson. He’ll get a toy that helps him grow and expand his mind instead.

You know who I’m voting for? Who ever promises to be the President of the United States of AMERICA.

When you hear a politician say fences won’t keep people out of our country aren’t you just dying to ask them if they live in a gated community—or estate?

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Are you ready for another tip to help you sneak exercise into your everyday life? Here it comes. I’ve always said that if the doc gave me a year to live I’d take it in football time. Now I’ve put that philosophy to practical use. With football season on us it was either continue what I did during the first Colt’s game—snack away my nervous energy– or use it in a productive way. I vowed to spend part of game time lifting hand weights. This workout is in the planning process still, but already shows great promise. With no real time frame in mind, I started on biceps at the beginning of a quarter and continued with the whole upper body. Once my muscles begin to quiver I switched to abs, then a little yoga. Before I realized it I had moved through two fifteen minute quarters. I don’t have to tell you that comes to way more than thirty minutes especially if there is a lot of passing, and we’re talking Peyton Manning here. Such a deal! Maybe not as cool as that last year to live thing, but still beneficial.

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WATCHING the Colts

Some of you might remember how I “watched” my Colts pay football last year on the web.  Orlando could not get the games on TV in  (with basic cable anyway) so I resorted to the NFL web site and hit “refresh” periodically to keep up with the scoring. It was pathetic. Luckily Indianapolis won the Super Bowl and their games are now broadcast widely so Colts fans are going to have a grand season WATCHING our team. GO COLTS! 2-0 and counting.

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What Winning Feels Like

The Colts won the Super Bowl — for those of you who have been lost in the jungle. You know I have been pulling for them since the first game of the season–and predicting this outcome. So, how does it feel? Surprisingly calm, one of those “all’s right with the world” feelings. Maybe I’ve seen Tony Dungy on the sidelines too much and his demeanor has rubbed off. Anyway the curtain on football pretty much shut down after Sunday along with the emotions. The long wait begins for next season.

 I may have undone a lesson I have been trying to teach my grandson, though, because of the Colts. No, because of my competitiveness. My approach when Zachary has wanted to give up on any number of pursuits was “mistakes are good because they teach you, failing this time gets you closer to a win, etc. etc.” The lesson must have been soaking in because before the game we talked and Zac said, “It’s okay if our Colts don’t win.” And I, the teacher of life situations, said, “NO! NO! WE ARE GOING TO WIN. Don’t even think otherwise.” The minute it came out my mouth I knew I’d blown what I’d been working on for months, but it was out there. I don’t remember how I glossed it over except to point out how prepared the Colts were because of prior mistakes. The truth was I couldn’t entertain the thought of losing. Maybe that was one of those mistakes I had to make on my way to being a truly wise grandma.

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This will be very short. I’m trying to find my cat who disappeared sometime at the end of the 4th quarter of the Colts game tonight. He has never seen Mommy act that way. MY COLTS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!

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Do you have any idea how many radio stations there are in Indianapolis? Oh no, I forgot to check Tennessee! Hand to the forehead moment! After wasting too much 4th quarter time, I went back to the primitive way of watching football. Bet you never thought you would hear anyone call the Internet primitive. Well, I assure you it seems that way when you are 17-17 in the 4th with 2 minutes to go and Tennessee pops on screen with 20. You’ve got 7 FOOTBALL seconds left to at least even the score. And you refresh, refresh, refresh. No change. A few minutes ago you were thinking about overtime and now you are trying to imagine a challenge—-anything! Refresh, refresh, refresh. FINAL Tennessee Titans 20, Indianapolis Colts 17. What a stupid game!

But the Colts and I will be back for the Superbowl–in living color, HDTV, with sound and that cute, yellow, first-down line.

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I’m pathetic. Is this any way to “watch” a football game? Refresh—-refresh—-refresh The figures change if a score has been made, but getting the nuance of the game on the web becomes an art—not always a successful one. You see my Indianapolis Colts are only sporadically broadcast in Orlando, FL, so I do the best I can. We are 10-1 going into today’s game and when we get in the playoffs again this year my “viewing” will be upgraded. Last year the web displayed a football field, and tracked play. You had to imagine Manning and the others in that line driving down the field and Coach Dungy arms crossed, looking like he’s just eaten a persimmon, but still it was a little more real than what I have today. I’d right click and get particulars. It wasn’t so bad. I got used to it. I do have one more option, which I’m going to try right now. It’s the third quarter and no score yet. Perhaps I can Google the local Indianapolis radio station and hear the fourth quarter. I’ll keep you posted. Oh, score is 14-10, Colts favor right now. Too close for comfort.

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