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You know what makes this illegal immigration issue so complicated? These damn tamales. Some of you know I am renovating my house. That calls for laborers and craftsmen –U.S. citizens because of my feelings on illegal immigration. I had a job set up with a local tile setter, but he had excessive earwax on the appointed day, then a pulled muscle the second day. Fernando could come right away. He did a beautiful job and by damn he brought me tamales the second day. You see how complicated this gets? I am from Texas and would sell my soul for a good, genuine Mexican tamale. Thank God I didn’t have to. Fernando is studying for his citizenship, so obviously a resident alien. So I’m off the hook—except for Ramona. Actually, it was my mother who rescued her from our garbage, trying to feed her children. After that day, she cleaned our home (and our friends’ homes) for over twenty years. When the time came, she insisted on sitting by my father’s casket all night. As I said, it is very complicated.
Most of us who lobby to enforce our borders are not bigots. We just believe in sovereignty, secure borders, and fair treatment of all who want to enter from whatever country.  And we want our our country to use its powers to pressure our neighbors to the south to treat their citizens right. We have no problem trying to rearrange priorities of countries on other continents. Mexicans live in a beautiful, bountiful country, rich in oil, tourism, precious metals, and history. Their people should be participating in the wealth that funnels to the elite. Why isn’t this a priority with our government? Why can’t Ramona and Fernando make a living in their beloved country? Why?


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I’ve seen a lot of football players take heart-stopping hits lately, the kind where they are running full speed right up until they hit a wall of muscle. It hurts to look at, but my question is this. When those guys get in their cars do they really need an airbag?

Have you noticed how many beauty products from soap to anti-aging cream have French sub-titles? Does this make them better somehow, especially since they are probably made in China?

Name a female cartoonist. Neither can I. Why is that? We’re funny, we can draw.

When a word your mind is searching for is dancing out there in some ethereal zone just above your brain, do you know how many syllables it has even thought you don’t know which letter it starts with? Or is it just me?

When I bought my sons Lego’s and Lincoln Logs thirty, forty years ago we got a big honking box with plastic pieces or wood logs, maybe a few suggestions. Today each box builds specific items or buildings. No coloring outside the line or producing your own unique creation. No, no that work is done for you. I just returned a whoopdedoo Erector set meant for my grandson. He’ll get a toy that helps him grow and expand his mind instead.

You know who I’m voting for? Who ever promises to be the President of the United States of AMERICA.

When you hear a politician say fences won’t keep people out of our country aren’t you just dying to ask them if they live in a gated community—or estate?

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 Like the monster that keeps coming at you, the amnesty bill refuses to die. We cannot let our guard down. This piece by Pat Buchanan in the Minot Daily News 6-14 says is ALL. Read it now and again and again as a reminder not to give up.



Last week, in one of the great uprisings of modern politics, Middle America rose up and body-slammed the national establishment.

The Bush-Kennedy-McCain amnesty for 12 million to 20 million illegal aliens, and for the businesses that have hired them–a bill backed by La Raza and the US Chamber of Commerce, The Wall Street Journal and The Washington Post–went down to crushing defeat.

Majority Leader Harry Reid fell 15 votes short (45 to 50) of shutting off debate. Like the rout of the Dubai ports deal, the victory was achieved by a firestorm of public protest, reflected in millions of phone calls and e-mails, and citizens marching to town meetings.

The Capital’s capitulation to the country was unprecedented and astonishing. Not two weeks earlier, the amnesty provision of the bill had been supported by more than 60 senators.

But opponents of this bill, which would reward mass criminality with mass amnesty and eventual US citizenship, ought not rest.

For President Bush is coming back to resuscitate the monster, and this bill has more support in the Senate than the 45 votes it got Thursday. Some Republicans and Democrats who voted not to shut off debate are privately committed to amnesty, if they can be given political cover and face-saving amendments to take home.

Sen. John Kyl is not necessarily wrong when he says, “All we have to do on the Republican side is sit down with those who have amendments, get those amendments in a reasonable package, not too many, but enough so all of the members can say they had their chance.”

Kyl reads his party right. For the GOP is the political instrument of K Street and Corporate America–the folks who fund the party and finance the campaigns. And the No. 1 issue of Corporate America is Bush-Kennedy-McCain. For not only does it give blanket amnesty to businesses for hiring illegals, it legalizes the illegals and ensures Corporate America an endless supply of cheap immigrant labor.

The fundamental reason this bill is not dead is that its authors and backers will never quit. For this legislation is part of a larger agenda of a large slice of America’s economic and political elite.

What is that agenda?

They have a vision of a world where not only capital and goods but people move freely across borders. Indeed, borders disappear. It is a vision of a “deep integration” of the United States, Canada and Mexico in a North American Union, modeled on the European Union and tied together by super-highways and railroads, where crossing from Mexico into the United States would be as easy as crossing from Virginia into Maryland. It is about the merger of nations into larger transnational entities and, ultimately, global governance.

This immigration bill is but a piece of a great global project already far advanced. In 1993, a majority of Americans opposed the NAFTA trade deal with Mexico because they did not believe the propaganda and feared that, as Henry Kissinger said, it represented the architecture of a new world order.

More than a dozen years have elapsed. And the results?  Contrary to the promises, our trade surplus with Mexico did not grow. It vanished. In 13 years, we have run $500 billion in trade deficits with Mexico. Last year’s $60 billion was the largest ever. Mexico now exports more cars, trucks and auto parts to the United States than we export to the world.

What NAFTA did was enable US companies to close their plants here, fire their American workers, and move their factories and jobs to Mexico, while Mexico continued to export its poor to the United States.

What is the hidden agenda of the global companies, which evolved out of what were once great American companies?

They want a limitless supply of low-wage immigrant labor and an end to penalties for hiring illegals. They want the freedom to shut factories here and move them to nations where wages are low, benefits nonexistent and regulations lax. They want to be able to move products back to the United States free of charge. They want to be rid of their American workers, but keep their American consumers.

They want to be able to go out to Asia and hire bright kids and bring them to the United States to replace middle-age US workers who cost too much. They want to be able to outsource their white-collar jobs to India at a fraction of the wages they pay Americans.

It is about globalism–and about greed. And, as the Bible says, love of money is the root of all evil. But they have a problem. The nation has begun to awaken to the reality that the vision of the global corporation and the transnational elite cannot be realized without the death of the American republic. And so they are in a fight that is long overdue.


I think that pretty much sums it up — but now if it is coming back to life, we have to be very aggressive in contacting our representatives and senators — the American public has to become aware before it is too late — that includes our kids that need to get active in this — or their children will never know the great country we have know in our lifetime.  This has been coming a long time but our “pundits”, etc., have tried to keep us pre-occupied with everything else but the things that really matter.  It’s all a matter of keeping us in the dark.  The people at the top of the ladder think as long as they keep us distracted–they can do what they want to do with our country.  As long as they keep us divided–especially between left and right–where in reality most of the citizens of this country are right down the middle–as long as they can keep up the name-calling and keep us divided–THEY WILL WIN and we will no longer have a United States.   Pretty scary —

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Yesterday I was attacked by a pack of Chihuahuas. Coincidence? Granted, I have written negative pieces about the proposed immigration bill and hassled a few legislators, but do proponents have to get personal? Seven little ankle biters yipping and bouncing like jumping beans, their metal tags jingling, harassed me for a block on my daily walk. I swatted, offered them Taco Bell, shouted “Alto!” But nada.

Earlier they had scared the heck out of our cat Luther as they paraded past the screened porch, then chased a half dozen ibises from the pond while racing back across our property border.

I do not know their legal status, nor whether identifying tags are counterfeit, and understand the little dogs are only doing the work American felines won’t do. I’ll try to understand when Bush heads for the Rose Garden, pen in hand. Yo quero amnesty?

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Two articles almost kissing in today’s newspaper:

  • One reports that $23 billion was sent home in 2006 by (illegal) Mexicans working the U.S. (No the report didn’t say “illegal”),
  • The second reports 75,000 Mexicans are protesting tortilla prices which have reached roughly 45 cents a pound.

You know, you would think $23 billion could buy a few tortillas, but perhaps this is the problem. U.S.Treasurer Anna Escobedo Cabral said that these remittances are a driving force of Mexico’s economic growth and that the country should encourage migrants‘ families to invest their money. People, here is the root of the problem. Mexicans are investing the $23 billion sent from relatives who risk life and limb to swim the Rio Grande leaving them no pesos with which to buy tortillas. And why is the U.S.Treasurer telling Mexicans what to do with their money? That’s for another day.  I’m a U.S. citizen and assume I can give advice to Mexicans, too, so here it is. BUY SOME DAMN TORTILLAS WITH THE 23 BILLION!

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