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Do you know the number one song on the day your were born?
 Go to www.joshhosler.biz <http://www.joshhosler.biz/> and look it up. It is so cool. I was surprised to learn that the tiny music I listen to all the time on the radio was in vogue when I made my entrance.  I wasn’t exactly grooving to the radio with the glowing tubes back then. Perhaps I should have connected the dots, but didn’t. How about you? Any surprises?

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This new music video tells the story of a successful man who strays from the path of religion. He smokes, flirts with women even though he’s engaged, and he no longer prays. Things slowly start to go bad: He has a flat tire and problems at work and his fiancé leaves him when she sees him talking to another woman. He then has a serious accident while recklessly driving his motorcycle. After he recovers, the man starts to pray, stops smoking, wins back his fiancé and excels at work.

Okay, in which music section do you look for this at WalMart? No. You would be wrong. It’s not Country. This is the theme of Saudi Arabia’s first music video, set to air on the Middle East’s satellite stations this week. Despite fears among the Saudi clergy over the corrupting influence of music videos, the clip had implicit government approval. The fiancé wears a black burka, but changes to white for her engagement party. The purpose was to use music to send a positive message without sex and profanity, a laudable goal, I’d say. 

It is apparently a big hit with Saudis who have seen it. And why not? It has everything but the dog dying and the pickup being repossessed.

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