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A few weeks ago PBS radio (90.7 in Orlando) changed its broadcasting. Where I once listened to Sunday Baroque, string quartets, great orchestras there is now all talk, all the time. May I say this as gently as possible? PBS, your every thought is not all that fascinating. There are wonderful programs with spoken words, like Prairie Home Companion, Car Talk, the rare literary shows, some sections of All Things Considered and the Wait, Wait, Don’t Tell Me,  but the prater that replaced good classical music is often just pontificating, self-absorbed voices of our” intellectual superiors” who scrape the landscape for “untold stories.” Not all are bad or uninteresting, but there should be room for the cream of the crop as well as good classical music.

My informal poll of friends is running about 50/50. Some actually love being able to listen to talk on the way to their odd hour jobs, others resent losing our one spot for soothing classical music. What have most of us done? It seems we have switched channels to the local university public radio station (89.9) that plays wonderful, pure jazz all day. I’m sure UCF radio is thanking you.

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