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Honor your grocery bagger on Memorial Day? Maybe. A couple of weeks ago I remarked to the gray haired gentleman taking my groceries to the car that it was surely hotter than advertised. He said this heat didn’t compare with living in a two man tent in full gear when it was 110 degrees in there. I stopped and really looked at him. He went on to explain he was in Special Forces in 1957 and parachuted into many countries and many weather conditions. By then I had forgotten about the parking lot heat, soon to be relieved in my air conditioned car. I was watching his eyes light up as he described jumping time and again from airplanes.

“The earth keeps moving toward you, and you are floating,” he said. Because of that bagger and others like him many living on that earth below are free–and so am I.  Thank you to all the unsung heroes we look past every day. You are the best.

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