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My lucky charm, the resident black racer, showed up at exactly 2 p.m. yesterday. As you can see from these charts the market immediately started upward. Too bad he crawled away after a while, taking the market along. Yesterday’s dip wasn’t as bad as previous days, though. What will today bring? Where is my lucky charm?


Note: I had to remove the chart because I posted a live one, which is totally not relevant. Trust me, it went up at 2 p.m.


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ibis10-7-0011.jpgsnake10-7-0041.jpgThese shots were taken yesterday in our yard, located in a suburban, metropolitan area slashed by an Interstate, busy roads, malls and strip malls, etc. I point this out to show that where ever you live there is wildlife that would love to share your plot of earth. After all they considered it theirs before you came. It is in your hands to help save species—and you will be richer for it. Follow the link to National Wildlife Federation on the right and see how it easy it is to be certified a Backyard Habitat. Then get your camera ready.

(Photos are ibis in process of changing feathers and Fred, our beautiful black racer.)

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