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I wasn’t wrong. I had such high hopes for this movie and they were all fulfilled. Food was prominent, of course, but Julie & Julia was about so much more; filling your life with things you love, two romantic relationships and writing/publishing. The writer (and blogger) in me was touched so many times by two writers’ letdowns and triumphs. It was a beautiful movie without a single slow part. If you write–and I know you do–get to this movie. You will be inspired.

This movie gets writers in the gut. Pun intended.

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If you have a sense of humor and curiosity you might enjoy the new site added to my blogroll, Stuff White People Like. It alternates between being humorous, educational and a bit ridiculous. Apparently the author is a black blogger looking at white society and our traditions and peculiarities. Us, peculiar you say? This is like looking in a mirror only with another’s eyes. It is a pop anthropological study of whites, or more precisely yuppie whites. If you identify with the audience addressed in the Blue Collar Tour, much of this will not describe you. It might, however, describe people you know. You’ll see them, or yourself, as another cultural group sees you. I dare you not to laugh at yourself (or co-worker or prissy aunt).

Online for less than three months, this blogger has over 14 million hits, so he certainly doesn’t need my help in getting attention. With just less than 5,000 hits on Anhinga in about a year and a half, I am in awe. Just thought you might want to check out what everyone is reading.

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  • Do blogs with dark background tend to contain more dark, negative, angry messages? Just wondering.
  • There is concern in the financial community about imminent stagflation. Welcome to fixed income retirees’ world.
  • I despise searching for information on a subject only to be connected to a video link. If I wanted to watch video I’d turn on the TV. With a few exceptions, I’d rather read to search for facts. It’s certainly faster and I don’t have to watch a commercial to get to the subject. I’m just saying: warn me. I’ll click another link.
  • Do birds of a feather really flock together? Not at our bird feeder. Cardinals, woodpeckers, bluejays, and titmice come regularly and they plan their forays together. The feeder is either empty of guests or a waiting line has formed. Perhaps we need to rethink the old saw about birds of a feather.
  • As I passed through a room yesterday snapping doors closed, straightening rugs, picking up stray flotsam from the floor, straightening pillows, my movements seemed eerily familiar. Flight attendant! That was the feeling I got in my bones. And to think I was turned away from that job many years ago because of my height. I guess I’m showing them.
  • Wedlock. I know it’s a perfectly good word, but just doesn’t sound good. Is that why we mostly use it in a negative way? Ever hear of anyone being born “in wedlock?”

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