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Beda-Work-570026Can it be I have been writing this blog since September 3, 2006? Doesn’t seem like it, but the evidence is there. I started not know where or when it would end and I still don’t. It would be hard to pull away from the wonderful, eclectic group of blogger buddies I’ve met through this post, Amuirin, Corina, Ben, Chris, Robin, Lea, Tabbie, Carson, and on an on. I hesitated to begin naming because I know I will delete some of my favorites, but you know who you are. If only my brain were as sharp as it had to be in the picture above from 1957 — not 2006. Don’t want anyone to  think I descended the mountain in Shangri La sometime in the last three years.  By the way, that’s a Burroughs bookkeeping machine. Thank God for tiny computers with electric keyboards.

What I am really trying to say (badly) is thank all of you who read, encourage and challenge me for sticking around. You make it all worthwhile.

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