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That Iraqi reporter thinks he is so all that apparently. He used a shoe to send a message. Like he’s the first. Some of us remember Khrushchev at the U.N. banging his shoe on the desk. Now THAT was shocking, certainly at the time. Remember the “clever quotient” afforded to the TV show “Get Smart” the first time the guy pulled his shoe off and used it as a phone? If I remember right, this was before cell phones. Now we have an Iraqi sending a message with his size 10s. So old hat—or old shoe. Okay, he does get points for aiming high, and Bush for ducking low.


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If I can stop laughing long enough I want to refer you to my friend’s version of Bush’s State of the Union speech. Instead of watching tonight, you might want to spend the time reading Abbe’s version. I guarantee you’ll end up in a much better mood.


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