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I found this interesting writing exercise on C’HELE blog. Try it if you like. It is fun and revealing. Speed Writing: the goal is to write down the following phrases as quickly as you can: “I wish____________” 

I wish for hardships that toughen not flatten.


I wish my body and mind would continue to do my bidding.


I wish all that’s in me would come out in relevant writing.


I wish toast didn’t burn, but popcorn did just a little.


I wish cats knew how much they mean to humans. Wait! Maybe they do.


I wish for at least a little humor in every day. Some days are definitely more laughable than others. 


I wish to taste fresh veggies from my garden before the bugs do.


I wish I could sing, but the deficiency hasn’t been that shattering to my life.


I wish my children have only enough conflict to feel alive.


I wish them mostly happiness and peace.


I wish I could swim.


I wish I could see forever.


I wish for enough.

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I was tagged by “Lea Kelley saying thank you for” to try a delightful exercise.

 The rules are that those named below are to make their own lists of six things that make them happy and pass on to others. Let’s have a go at it.

      1.   Laughter – from snickers to belly laughs

      2.  Mysteries I can’t figure out

      3.  Jokes I can (spoiler alert)

      4.  Nose kisses from kitties

      5.  Color in all its forms

      6.  Finding just the right word



Tabbie’s Garden


Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

Kat’s random thoughts

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monarchs-cats-004No coffee flavor wafts into the bedroom in the morning—

 Cat fur coats his pillow—

 The dinner dishes sit unmoved an hour later—

 The small wad of cash in my purse is no longer enough— 

It’s a darker dark when the power goes out—

 Pockets have new purpose, holding keys and cash at times—

 Short trips in the car increase threefold: his, mine and ours—

 Cats now go in and out the screened porch door forty times a day—

 Cell phone operation is still a mystery—

 The GPS is comfort and a modicum of freedom—

Emma mysteriously appears before the first tear reaches the cheek–

 A familiar voice on the answering machine says every day, “I’ll see you later.”

 Yes, yes, you will.

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  1. Tool Kit
  2. GPS
  3. Computer (most of the time)
  4. Sunshine
  5. Photographs
  6. Open Windows
  7. Cats
  8. Books
  9. Online bill paying
  10. Restaurants with good veggie dishes

This list only scratches the surface, but it’s a start. What can you add?

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Our cats Luther and Emma marking their scent on posters of “Daddy.”

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Cat Tale

Whimsical Kitty

Whimsical Kitty

Mysterious Kitties

Mysterious Kitties

I’m thinking of cats, real and not real tonight. I have some of both. My sister has neither, but she sometimes fantasizes about having a cat in her small apartment. Litter boxes are not her thing, though. What to do, what to do?


Big sister to the rescue.


For her sixty-ninth birthday I sent a furry cat that purrs when his back is touched and meows when you pat his head, but no feeding or litter boxes are necessary. This kitty is a furry toy — with very real feeling fur, Sis says on the phone. Since I ordered though the Web and had the gift sent to Texas, the black and white kitty and I have never met. My sister assured me he is adorable and “feels incredibly like real cat fur.”


Uh oh. A few years back I remember China was shipping furry kitten toys that were, in fact, furry kitten toys. Perhaps I shouldn’t have told her my fears. I wondered if I had spoiled the fun for her. She had such plans to show off her new pet to the neighbors. Now how would she feel? Would my loving gift freak her out staring at her from her chaise? I shouldn’t have worried. In a life filled with “Lucy moments,” my sister had simply found another. I knew it was okay when a few days later she wrote to tell me what she had named her new “pet” – Zombie.



Not Zombie - My very real Luther

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This is my first meme. Really. Always learning something from Amurin. I’ll send to a short list while I’m on a trial run.

Here are the rules, such as they are: Players start with 7 random facts about themselves. Those who are tagged should post these rules and then post 7 random facts. Players should tag 7 other people and notify them they have been tagged.




1.   In the fourth grade I wrote my first short story. Prominent in it was a rattlesnake. I once had a rat snake under my reading chair for two days, received a gift of a black racer in a bag from my husband, video taped one swallowing a green garden snake. Then there are the steamy photos I took of rat snakes mating on the fence. They have a habit of falling out of trees with a splat when enraptured or fighting. You learn to look up as well as down in a converted swamp. 


    2. My proudest recent accomplishment is learning to operate a single

        lever faucet.


3.     I still have older friends, but they are REALLY old, including a 92-year-old writer. The “young ones” are unrepentant hippies for the most part, and bikers.



4.     Beside my husband and children, cats are the most important creatures on earth. My father had an aversion to them, so my first came when I was thirty. Since that day we have not been without purrs and hairballs—and mystery.


5.     We once had a sailboat business on Lake Monroe and later, a  business doing drug, alcohol and DNA testing.  Mostly “Who’s your daddy?” situations.


6.     I was six years old, and could hear the doctor give orders to start cutting out my appendix and the nurse saying I was not under, but could not move or speak. Next thing I knew it was over and Mother was moving me to another hospital. Dr. Frankenstein had used my upset stomach as an opportunity to try the new thread he invented. You don’t want to see how much it really didn’t improve on the current stitches.


7.     A young derelict tried to hijack me once, but really pissed me off when he flashed that knife. I drove off.










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Black Cat

Black Cat

Witch’s Parking Spot

I don’t want to say how many recognized this as MY parking spot.  All I can say about the goblins this year was too cute and too few. You never know.

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Florida Snow Day

The Old Warming Jack Knife
I’ll just lie here in the fetal position until the election is over.

Okay, it’s not a snow day in Florida, but many fellow bloggers were posting their first snow of the year. The best I could do is to show you how very chilly it is in Florida, highs in the 60’s! In lieu of the flakes I’m showing you how Luther manages to keep warm. This will have to do. It’s all I’ve got.

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Cat Alert!

Okay, all of you doggie people, move along and avert your eyes because I couldn’t resist posting our handsome guy, Luther. He’s a Pixie Bob, the legend cat. The legend is that bobcats mated with barn cats to produce this line. We swabbed his little mouth and his DNA showed no wild genes, but I’ve never seen a cat without wild genes, so take it for what it is worth. He is gorgeous and amazing, walks like a lion and knows so much English we have to spell certain words. Hey, I told you to move on. Don’t blame me.

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