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Dr. Ho noticed I was reading a Scientific American article about a scientist’s challenge to parts of Einstein’s theory.

“Did you hear,” he asked, suddenly excited, “just today Stephen Hawking, the astro-physicist, warned us not to try to contact aliens in space. He not only believes they exist, he believes they would come only to invade us and take resources. He also says there is not one universe, but many and some of those surely have life forms.”

Well that gave me something to think about while he poked needle after needle into my gums and sandpapered my teeth.

“How do you feel?” he asked when finished.

“Like my mouth was invaded by space aliens.” No. Really.

Next he squirted compound from a calking gun I swear came straight from Home Depot. It even had that new tile smell. Then he jams plastic stuff in my dead mouth and tells me to bite and hold. Stepping back, pointing two fingers to the heavens, he cautions me again not to speak, just listen. I thought oh no, my dentist is going to reveal he is ‘one of them,’ and I am powerless to even speak. Instead he continues to tell me details of Hawking’s announcement.

I can’t even say, “We’re screwed!” but I can think it – until aliens take over my brain.


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