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I wanted to post this as a clue in the Twitter hacking that happened today. Apparently hackers were able to invade millions? of computers and jam the Twitter site, shutting them down. Facebook got squirrely, too. During a real slow down of my machine I checked processes and there were two Picasas listed and together they were using almost 100% capacity of my computer. No new photos had been downloaded so no reason for that to happen. I am assuming that was one of the portals through which they took over mine and others’ computers. The last few days my Mozy backup has been work ing almost constantly also. Those are the two main sites that have access to my computer.

I am in no way a computer whizz, but I can feel a slowed down computer and read processes taking place. I immediately shut down and reopened my computer and Picasa was not even on the processes page.  These are probably only two of many sites that were compromised. Just thought you’d like to know and perhaps try shutting down briefly to see if it helps.

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