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target-dragonfly-0011.jpgI desperately needed a new second amendment warning sign for the inside garage door. The old target was beginning to look more like someone who had met up with a slasher instead of a gun-toting granny. So now the new guy above greets anyone who might decide to enter the house uninvited.

We met one of Jerry’s golfing buddies at Hot Shots in Daytona Beach a couple of weeks ago. Dave brought along his wife, her brother and his wife, the four of them comprising the most cheerful group of people you would ever want to meet. And believe me, when someone is holding a loaded 357 Magnum two feet from you, you prefer them cheerful.

For those who doubt God smiles on pistol-packing nuts, explain this. We ate at Aunt Catfish’s in Port Orange first and got the only waitress in Volusia County (I’m sure) who was a sage on local gun ranges. All I had to do was mention outdoor range and she not only told us of a local one, but also called her husband on her cell phone to find the directions! You tell me that wasn’t providence. We are saving that for another trip, though because we needed to buy extra ammunition and that range was very basic. We’ve scoped it out on the web and Strickland’s is our next stop.

Hot Shots was a well-run indoor range and we had a ball. Best of all we are all more comfortable with our weapons should we ever have to use them for protection.

Just curious about all the black smoke and lead flying around and nearly impossible to scrub off my hands, I Googled the subject later. My suspicions were realized. Lead dust and gasses from firing ranges can be very dangerous. All the clothes we were wearing went into the washing machine and we showered and washed our hair before bedtime. Apparently outdoor ranges have less lead contamination, but are still a hazard. The same precautions should be taken after shooting there. I know. I know. Growing up we never thought of “getting the lead out” after shooting cans at the caliche pit or riverbank, but we are wiser now—surprisingly. So we’ll take precautions, but look for us before long at the outdoor gun range.

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