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When someone searches for “story on magic carpet – about 2,000 words” I must suspect the possibility that they intend to pilfer another’s words for a class assignment. Not my words, please. I reserve all rights to everything written on this blog and all pictures posted. Kindly do your own work and learn something.

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rug20014There really are magic carpets. Believe it. I am sitting secure in a modest home on over an acre thanks to one magic carpet.

 The family room in our rented home in Virginia was huge, long and wide, and the floor was tile.  The wonderful, wool, Karastan Oriental rug we added to warm it up was about 15’ x 30’ and left little tile exposed. The babies could crawl and play and spill and drop crumbs – or pacifiers – and they all disappeared.  Our family did a lot of living in six year on that rug, so we were in a dilemma when we went to move and were offered $1,000 by the prospective purchaser of the house. As a matter of fact, he told the owners he would buy the house only if we sold him the rug.  It hurt to let it go, but I had visions of another rug, one belonging to my mother-in-law.  She unrolled it from behind her sofa after years of storing it there. Moths filled the air and holes filled her precious rug.  We knew we were not likely to soon have room the size of that one, so we did what was prudent. And it was prudent. $1,000 was exactly what we needed to purchase our own home in South Carolina and break the rental cycle.

 We sold that home four years later for a move to Florida and with the increased value, were able to “buy up” in the home we have lived in now for almost thirty-three years. So I have a fractured motto: If you love something let it go; if it is yours, it will return a hefty profit. Our beautiful rug has returned its investment 200 times over.


christmas08-008 Barely a footnote after that rug tale, but special to me is a small, wool, Bokara Oriental rug from Pakistan. My husband crafted furniture and hand hooked rugs (tangible pieces of him to hand down to the children). My talents produced nothing worthy of inheritance, so I am thrilled to have one small rug to hand down. They will have to draw straws for it, though. This rug has increased in value, too, no doubt, but more important is the story that accompanies it.

 A radio station in Roanoke, Virginia was giving away one rug worth $275 in the sixties to the person with the most convincing reason for wanting to win it – in twenty-five words or less. I worked so hard and was the single winner out of over 500 entries. This is the winning statement.

 With wrinkling face and doubling chin my current stage,

I’d like to own just one rare thing that grows more beautiful with age.

 That’s it. I tried to zero in on a salient point, and Oriental rugs had a claim to fame rarely matched — that “more beautiful with age” thing. I can only hope that holds true after the rug survived soot from a house fire and more hairballs and drink spills than I can count. It is still a favorite of mine. Not quite magic, but magical when I remember the odds against it gracing my living room for so many years.

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