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It never occurred to me that the picture opened more often than any other on my blog would be green polka dot shoes. Just when you think your funky tastes are totally unique. . .

I could have expected searches that relate to the person searching would be popular, such as:  number one song the day your were born and what your drink says about you. But how do you account for a strong caterpillar and gold crested gecko following? Many are looking for Jesus here, little Jesus to be exact.

None of the above searches scare me, but I hope the scores of guys in their mom’s basement looking for zombie lights stay right where they are.

Oh, why the title above? I’m no fool, just a hit whore who knows how to play the game.

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Do you know the number one song on the day your were born?
 Go to www.joshhosler.biz <http://www.joshhosler.biz/> and look it up. It is so cool. I was surprised to learn that the tiny music I listen to all the time on the radio was in vogue when I made my entrance.  I wasn’t exactly grooving to the radio with the glowing tubes back then. Perhaps I should have connected the dots, but didn’t. How about you? Any surprises?

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