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Look closely. That is a Super Bowl ring on my finger. I thought Super Bowl week would be an appropriate time to post. This picture was taken in 1992 at the Family Circle Women’s Tennis Tournament in Hilton Head, S.C.

Joe Theismann ignored the staff of mature ladies assigned to assure only those with proper ID entered our company box and sat himself down among us, grumbling about the ladies advanced ages and lack of authority.  Announcing who he was and showing his Super Bowl ring, Theismann chose a seat by the loveliest Southern cutie in our box. Let’s call her Nina. Nina quickly charmed him into letting her try on his ring. Southern cuties share, so she passed it to the woman beside her, who passed it to the next. Theismann began to show a little impatience at the thought of that beautiful, very heavy ring dropping through the stands and asked for it back. But it would not have been polite to leave anyone out, so the ring continued to pass throughout the stand.  I was able to wear it just long enough to get a picture. All the ladies in our company box had to have a turn, even the mature ones.

In fact it may have lingered a little bit longer on their fingers.

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I know there are shallow, silly women, but I often  meet  another kind, such as two ladies from the aptly-named waiting room of the eye clinic.


Lady No. 1: Who knows who spoke first or what was said. We are women. We talk. After the usual medical exchanges she mentioned she worked at the police department.


“What do you do?” I asked.


“Work cold cases.”


“Are you a detective?” Somehow it didn’t seem a strange question to be asking a woman in her sixties or seventies.


“No, I volunteer.”


“It must be very interesting,” I said, truly intrigued.


“Gory,” she corrected.


I’m sure her work could be gory, but I felt her one-word answer masked considerable satisfaction, especially when she contributes to solving a case, bringing answers to a family waiting for years. So if you are a senior volunteer, obviously there is more to do out there than stuffing envelopes. Who knew? Assignments such as hers are probably rare, so “gory” might be as good as porcupine quills in protecting your turf.


Lady No. 2:  She balanced a laptop on her knees, and  turned to ask me which kind of diabetes she must have. After a few questions, I told her Type 2. Then she remembered. She had brought her own laptop, but was apparently filling out forms for the clinic. Five minutes later I knew she was having lasik surgery and throwing away her glasses, that she had lost forty pounds with a trainer and sheer will power to bring her diabetes and cholesterol in line. And by the way, that she was diagnosed with MS as a teen. She knew little about the disease, even at what I would guess was age forty. Her doctor said she was so high strung she was better off not thinking about that, but taking things as they come. She was bubbly and cheerful and had obviously taken his advice.


She checked her emails, then smiles at the man walking to sit beside her.


“You just texted me!” He was communicating from another place in the building.


A few minutes later she squealed, showed something on her laptop screen to an office worker.


“Not bad,” she said as she sat back down. “I went on the clinic website and found a $200 discount!”


That is a woman who knows how to live!

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