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Cat Alert!

Okay, all of you doggie people, move along and avert your eyes because I couldn’t resist posting our handsome guy, Luther. He’s a Pixie Bob, the legend cat. The legend is that bobcats mated with barn cats to produce this line. We swabbed his little mouth and his DNA showed no wild genes, but I’ve never seen a cat without wild genes, so take it for what it is worth. He is gorgeous and amazing, walks like a lion and knows so much English we have to spell certain words. Hey, I told you to move on. Don’t blame me.

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After four days of patient stalking, Emma (our Persian) finally flushed the wayward lizard from under the stove late last night. Speaking “in tongues” at the foot of our bed, Emma alerted us she had brought her gracious present to us. If the lizard lying by the bed skirt were still alive, it could easily crawl right up the bed covers. Jerry had fallen asleep and had no interest in throwing him outdoors. I tried to go back to sleep, keenly aware a frightened lizard lay between Emma and me. Soon I heard more scuffling at the foot of the bed when Luther, our Pixiebob, joined the huntress. I finally roused Jerry, who cupped the poor reptile in his hands and threw him out the front door.  Jerry dropped right off. The cats assumed the stance of “move along folks, there’s nothing to see here” before heading for bed. Yet I was too revved to fall asleep before 3 a.m.


Ah, life with cats.

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